Used To Give A Fuck Lyrics By WAKAZI


Verse: ONE
Class is in session, the beast is awakened/Yup, that’s ma intention, walkin around naked/Show off what im Blessed with/Yes miss, I’m that big/and uuuum… Lyrically nothin to mess with/ Ya better leave em “Bars Alone” LIONEL MESSI/Merci, pardon my French yes Lately/Like Chelsea, I got Arsenals that’s deadly/Prey for my downfall, but bitch this is hard ball/Use to give a fvck, but now I let em suck balls/Attitude real rude, what you think I rap for/Cars, Women & Money, so this CHEESE is “Not Yours”/Yeah Hov, that’s what I’m tryin addressin/Business attire is what I’m inspired to invest in/Dressed for Success, dress to Impress/Undress to have sex, shorty get off that dress/Unless…./
Verse: TWO
Successfully I Succeeded in Seedin/Some of the most Sophisticated Songs, So can u beat it/ huh your generic raps is played out/I don’t got Wordplay but I Play with Words, timeout/Throw in a couple of Swahili words, that’s my word, Tanzania/Land of Swaghili, “Kanye” is shittin here/When I drop my shit, nobody is shittin near/That vintage authentic doodoo, yours is souvenir/Listen in here, the beast is awakened/I told y’all before that, I’m nothin to play with/But hey miss, I got something you can play with/Who knows, you’ll probably end up the bride that I may kiss/That’s a maybe, in my May-B/Shorty riding automatic, smeared with maybelline/drunk & high on autopilot, smell that herb green/Sicker than average, I need a doctor, DRE or Erving/
Hey hey y’all yeah here we go again/Even Hov knows so u better understand/ Tell your mama, there goes that man/Swaggabovu, Wakazi and I’m…/Hey hey y’all yeah here we go again/Even Hov knows so u better understand/Tell your mama, there goes that man/Swaggabovu, Wakazi and I’m…/
Verse: THREE
Kipimo Cha joto, moto si kitoto/Kina dada wanataka ndizi, siongelei kitoto/Hizi, ni mshale, tofauti na Za wale/Nakinukisha Zaidi ya Yao, mavi ya kale/Smell that shit, inhale that shit/Puff puff pass, exhale in that shit/I like girls with slim waists but the butt still thick/And a pretty face, now that’s the kinda girl that I fuck with/